Contact a Solar Power Contractor to Learn More About the Benefits of Solar Energy Systems


Solar panels

Are you aware that the cost of having solar panels installed is declining? Since 2008, the price has actually been reduced by 80%! Furthermore, solar panels are expected to continue to decline in cost.

Solar Home Heating

When you have solar panels installed, it will save you an average of $84.00 a month on your electricity bill. Since solar heating is an environmentally-conscious and sustainable form of energy, you will be able to decrease your home’s carbon footprint by having it installed.

During an average year, for instance, you will be able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released from your house by 35,180 pounds. It’s also important to note that over its lifetime, a rooftop solar panel system will be about to reduce approximately 100 tons of carbon dioxide pollution.

If you live in Arizona, you may be interested to learn that you can receive a state tax credit of $1,000.00 for having a solar energy system installed for your home. Furthermore, you will also qualify for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit through 2019. Since this is less than 2 years away, it would be a good idea to find out more about this now.

Solar Water Heating

Are you interested in having a solar system installed to heat your home’s water? Energy Star states that this has the potential to reduce your water heating costs by 50%. Since solar hot water heaters tend to last for 20 or more years, just imagine the savings you’ll experience.

The Department of Energy reports that solar water heaters can also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is generated. When you use solar water heaters, this can also reduce the electric load of your water heater by 2,5000 hours every year.

Solar Pool Heating

Do you have a swimming pool? Then you may want to find out more about solar pool heating. A contractor will tell you that your solar collector’s surface area should be the equivalent of 50% to 100% of your pool’s surface area.

When your pool has solar heating, you will be able to enjoy swimming more often throughout the year. While summer heat has a way of keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature, just imagine how nice and warm the water will be once it begins to cools down.

When you contact a solar power contractor, they will be able to discuss your energy needs in more detail. Whether you want solar pool heating, solar water heating, or an entire solar energy system for your home, your contractor will be able to discuss your options.

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