Tired Of Brown Spots On Your Lawn? It’s Time To Switch To Organic Lawn Care

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Tired Of Brown Spots On Your Lawn? It’s Time To Switch To Organic Lawn Care


Naturally healthy lawn

What does it mean to seek out environmentally responsible lawn care services? When you find your lawn starting to grow brown spots and you’re becoming frustrated with the lack of results countless companies are promising you, it’s time to ask yourself how you can do better. Organic lawn care isn’t just a hip trend that will die off in a few years — it’s a logical response to the harmful nature of chemicals and the growing awareness of American homeowners. It’s not just possible to have a healthy lawn that also looks out for the environment. It’s the best option out there for everyone involved, from your neighbors to the trees and plants and animals that share the planet with you.

What Should I Know About My Grass?

Before you look into products and environmentally responsible lawn care services, it’s helpful to take a peek at some quick facts about your grass. Grass plants are anywhere from 75% to 80% water, by weight, and this has a significant impact on how they respond to the sun, the weather and how often you water them. A well-maintained and thick 10,000 square foot lawn will often have six turf plants per square inch. Turfgrass is a helpful addition to control pollution, trapping as much as 12 million tons of dust and dirt every year.

Why Are Pesticides Harmful?

Turning to pesticides is often the go-to response for homeowners fed up with insects harming their grass. Unfortunately, they are notoriously harmful on the environment and have been found to hurt both human communities and nearby animal populations. Over 70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning on a yearly basis. The Virginia Cooperative Extension recently released the ‘Nutrient Management For Lawn Service Companies’ and found that pesticides can kill up to 90% of earthworms where they are applied.

What Are Good Pesticide Alternatives?

What you need to seek out instead of pesticide are pesticide alternatives. Environmentally responsible lawn care services actively seek out effective options that will not just keep your grass safe, but will keep from harming birds and earthworms along the way. A naturally healthy lawn isn’t just cultivated by how many chemicals you can dump into the earth. It can even be promoted by what you do and what you don’t do throughout the week.

How Else Can I Keep My Grass Healthy?

Jot down these useful tips for later so you can promote a lush lawn no matter the season or weather. Whether it’s deep winter or early morning, remember not to walk on your grass while it’s covered in frost. These brittle blades are prone to breakage and, as a result, will have a harder time growing properly once the weather takes a turn for the warmer. Leaving your grass a little longer than usual, at two to three inches, will also help your stalks’ health in the long run. Last, but not least, excess watering is just as harmful as not watering enough.

Should I Try Organic Lawn Care?

Lawn care services are starting to lean more toward the environmentally supportive over the past few years. With awareness increasing about the harmful nature of pesticides and the positive effect a healthy lawn can have on air quality, it makes sense to move forward with nature instead of fighting against it. Environmentally responsible lawn care services will keep your lawn lush, reduce brown spots and make sure your soil has the right pH balance to stay strong year-round. A dense lawn can even prevent run-off, a term used to describe the leftover nature of rainfall. If you want a more beautiful lawn this year, look no further than environmentally responsible lawn care services.

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