Flooring Options for Those Not Wanting Carpet

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Flooring Options for Those Not Wanting Carpet


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A homeowner wants their home to be designed perfectly. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about all of the various flooring options that are available. Certain rooms may benefit more from not being carpeted. Homeowners who have experienced leaks on carpeted floors know how frustrating this is. One study found that about 90 percent of those owning a home prefer tile or hardwood flooring in their kitchen. In this post, you will learn about flooring types for homeowners that don’t want carpet.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is great for giving a home a more traditional look. The various types of authentic hardwood floors available give homeowners plenty to work with. Wooden flooring is easier to clean than carpet. In many cases, a simple sweep is all that is needed to keep wooden floors clean.

One major advantage of having hardwood flooring is how in demand it is. The National Association of Realtors found that 54 percent of those buying a home will pay more for a home with hardwood floors.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring was invented over 80 years ago and is currently of the strongest flooring types out there. The many variations of vinyl make it easy for a homeowner to choose the perfect style. An especially popular type of vinyl flooring is those made to look like hardwood.

Homeowners on a budget will likely prefer how inexpensive vinyl flooring often is. Commercial environments often use vinyl flooring to help protect higher traffic areas where scuffs are common. It is recommended to have vinyl flooring installed by a professional. Vinyl flooring is highly susceptible to bumps and bubbles while being installed.

Laminate Flooring

This type of flooring is extremely durable. Laminate flooring adds a coating that offers additional protection. Wooden flooring is a solid floor type. However, the additional coating makes laminate flooring preferable where spills are commonplace.

An added benefit of laminate flooring is that it doesn’t trap allergens within the home. In most cases, laminate floors are relatively fast and simple to install. Therefore, a homeowner with laminate floors will not have to worry about a renovation taking a long time.

Which Homeowners Benefit from a Harder Floor?

Certain homeowners with severe allergies may want to avoid carpet altogether. Carpet can sometimes trap certain particles that the eye can’t see. In turn, a homeowner with sensitive allergies could find carpet to make those symptoms worse.

Homes with pets may benefit from not having carpet in their homes. Training a pet can sometimes mean accidents happen along the way. Having a laminate flooring makes animal mess easy to wipe away without any lingering odors. Flooring that isn’t carpeted will be more common in rooms where water is often used. Kitchens and bathrooms are often areas in the home where a laminate or tile floor is used.

In summary, there are three major flooring types for those wanting to avoid carpet. A hardwood floor offers a more traditional look for a home. In addition, a hardwood floor is one that is highly sought after by many potential home buyers. Those on a smaller budget might enjoy using vinyl flooring for their home. Vinyl is made in a wide variety of prints and designs. Laminate flooring is perfect for rooms where fast cleaning is a must. The additional resin coating makes laminate a great surface for homes where spills occur frequently.

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