Why Use the Trenchless Method

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Why Use the Trenchless Method


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Sewers are not something that we like to think about. Sitting in our nice, clean and comfortable homes, with our well functioning plumbing lines is just how we like it. We don’t want to think about the possibility of having a clog or an obstruction in the pipes. But, the truth is, it’s a possibility. The problem is, we have to deal with it. Especially if you are a home owner, no one is going to check you pipes for you. If your pipes are over 40 years old, it may be time for a complete replacement of the plumbing lines. However, that doesn’t have to be as big a job as it sounds. Technology has come a long way to fixing pipes that you don’t have to worry about your entire home’s foundation or landscape being ripped up in order to replace the sewer lines anymore. Let’s look at what can be done.

Sewer Camera Inspection
The first thing that would need to be done and is to check on the pipes. You may get lucky and there be absolutely nothing wrong with the pipes but it’s better to know for sure. How this can be done is the plumber can place a camera on the end of a long flexible rod and feed it down your drains. Once in the pipe, the camera will project a real time stream on to a screen that the plumber will have set up for you to see. The flexible rod fits easily around corners and joints and allows the plumber to identify any obstructions that may be in the pipes as well as the condition of the lines themselves.

Pipe Lining
If a leak or a crack is found, something called pipe lining can be implemented. This is when the pipe liner is soaked in resin and epoxy and then fitted to another flexible line that can maneuver along the sewer lines, with the camera, until it gets to the area that needs fixing. A bladder is then inflated, pressing the liner onto the broken pipe. It is then allowed to set and harden. After this, the pipe is fixed. The great thing about pipe lining is that there is no need to dig more than one or two entry holes at either end of the pipe in order to get the job done. There is absolutely no need for digging up large trenches all the way along the pipe just to fix a small hole.

Pipe Bursting
Pipe bursting is another method that can be used to fix or replace pipes. It is similar to pipe lining in the beginning but the difference in that the entire pipe can be replaced like this. The liner in inserted along the entire length of the pipe and blown up to cover the entire inside of the pipe. As the liner hardens and sets, it expands, causing the old pipe to be essentially crushed around the outside. This allows for more efficient water flow as well as higher volume through the sewer as the new pipe is a little wider than the old.

Inversion and Pull In Place
This the two methods used to do pipe lining or pipe bursting. One is basically when the liner is pushed through the pipe to the specific area, needing only one hole dug. The other is when the line is fed in one end and pulled through from the other, needing only two holes dug. Both processes can be complete within a number of hours eliminating the need for a huge construction job.

Most homeowners state that they would much rather pay a little bit more for the method because it does away with the need for endless months of construction as well as having to rip up foundations, streets and property. However, another great thing about these trenchless methods, is that they can tend to be more cost effective. While the materials themselves may be a little more expensive, you will save money in the long run because there is not as much machinery, traffic detours and man power needed as well as less time per hour. It’s a much more beneficial method and can be used to replace water and gas lines as well.

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