What Makes Modern Furniture so Popular

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What Makes Modern Furniture so Popular


Ultra modern furniture

Our idea of furniture is both old and new. Chairs were originally used only by noblemen and the term “chairman” refers to that tradition. The lower classes were relegated to sitting on the floor or on stools. The earliest couch dates back to Egypt in 2000 BC. Back then, they were used more to recline than sit. The English wood couch is an adaptation for the French word meaning to “recline.” Charles Darwin is thought to have invested a modern office chair as he put wheels on a chair to better see his specimens.

“Modern furniture,” also referred to as “midcentury” is a sleek, simplified style that was developed in the late 19th century. It is best known for its minimalist look and feel. It grew out of a response to the more traditional furniture that proceeded it. It features clean lines, newer materials and lower seating. Cool modern furniture has also been featured on popular television shows such as “Mad Men” and the set of “the Daily Show.” It’s hard to miss it in design and fashion magazines. Some original pieces have sold for nearly $4 million.

Some of the key American modern furniture designers are Ray and Charles Earnea, George Nelson and Eero Saarinen. Some common brands are Herman Miller and Knoll. Buyers should beware of any furniture listed with several designers as it is not neck necessarily authentic.

Experts suggest buyers research specific pieces, each has their own style elements. Original modern furniture should be free of visible hardware. The pieces that keep it all together are well hidden. Buyers should also ask sellers as many questions as they have — any reputable seller will be ready and willing to educate their customers. Specific questions they recommend are about the furniture materials and that logos may be on it. An iconic piece is the Wassily chair that was designed in 1925.

The modern furniture style is very versatile and clean. Adding even a piece or two to a home can increase the style of the house. There is a lot of high end contemporary furniture but also inexpensive modern furniture. It is possible to find affordable pieces and most modern furniture designers will work with consumers to make their dream home possible.

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