What is a Public Adjuster?

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What is a Public Adjuster?


Are you the proud owner of a home? If you do, then you understand that there are things that can happen to your home at any and all times. For instance, there could be a fire damage claim, a water damage claim, or even forms of destruction done on the property by the environment. If this is the case, a public adjuster will come to your home and assess the damage done. When someone shows up to assess the value of your home, they are typically happy to get the job.

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Public adjusters are typically not happy people because they make their money based on how little they have to pay you. Property adjusters work for the insurance company and are trying to keep as much money in the insurance companies’ pockets. If they do their job right, typically the insurance company won’t have to pay out nearly as much and will be able to pocket a good amount of money. What they won’t tell you though is that you can actually hire your own property adjuster to get their estimated value of your home while they do have your best interest at heart.

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