What to Consider When Evaluating Radon Testing Companies

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What to Consider When Evaluating Radon Testing Companies


No American home is free from radon gas – it’s only a matter of how much radon gas the house is exposed to. Reputable radon testing companies can help determine the levels in your home.

While not all of them are above the EPA’s acceptable limits, you won’t know unless you have your house tested for radon. It’s even more important to know if your place is safe now that one out of every 15 homes is at or over the EPA action threshold.

The consequences of radon are inconsequential. The US EPA and the Surgeon General’s Office announced that this invisible and scentless gas is responsible for up to 20,000 deaths from lung cancer per year.

You may do your own radon testing or hire a radon testing company to do it for you. Radon testing companies have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure radon reduction and abatement are a success.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Radon Testing Companies

You shouldn’t just choose any radon mitigation service provider at random. At the very least, you risk squandering money and, worse, failing to achieve acceptable radon levels in your home.

When selecting radon mitigation and abatement services, keep the following questions in mind:

1. Do They Have Reasonable Pricing?

The procedures for radon mitigation are not open to the public. Some unscrupulous contractors, on the other hand, can take advantage of loopholes. This sort of firm will usually give you a very low fee for their services.

If the price is borderline cheap for the tough work they’ll perform, it’s probably too good to be true.

2. Is There an On-Site Estimation?

A skilled radon contractor should be able to estimate the amount of radon on-site. A radon testing contractor will inspect your house for radon gas levels. They’ll analyze the house’s structure after receiving data to identify the optimal radon mitigation strategy.

A radon business that does not do an on-site assessment will not have a complete understanding of your home’s needs. You’ll almost always wind up with a generic installation that isn’t as successful as a customized one.

3. What License and Certifications Do They Have?

If you want an outstanding radon mitigation firm to work for you, you’ll need a license and certification.

A qualified technician has completed a specified training program. Even if they need to make last-minute adjustments due to an unanticipated setup, they will be able to do so since they have been trained.

Look for EPA-certified contractors who have been trained and tested, as well as those with certification from the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).

4. How Clear is the Contract?

Make sure the contract is clear by reading it thoroughly. Any uncertainty should not be assumed and should be read in passing. If something is unclear, the radon business should be able to clarify it to you.

The following are some of the items to look for in a contract:

  • Guaranteed radon reduction below the EPA action threshold of 4.0 picocuries per liter.
  • There are no extra costs for additional suction points or fan upgrades.
  • The contract’s pricing should remain constant, and any modifications should be approved by you first.

5. Does the Radon Testing Company Follow Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the state, and municipal codes, should always be followed by radon testing companies. But how can you ensure that they adhere to them? One method to double-check is to make sure the vent outlet is two feet above the roofline and ten feet away from the windows.

6. How Will They Perform Their Diagnostics?

Preliminary diagnostics are performed by having a radon testing contractor test radon levels in your house by a competent radon mitigation business. Before and after installation, radon testing is required. The post-installation stage is usually skipped by unscrupulous contractors. However, this is an important step since it will determine whether or not the mitigation system they set up is effective.

Choose The Right Radon Testing Company for Your Home

These questions will assist you in selecting qualified radon mitigation or radon testing firm. Numerous local radon mitigation companies are available in major cities in Colorado, including Denver. Radon testing and mitigation can help keep your home safe all year round.

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