Three Projects to Improve the Curb Appeal of Any Home

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Three Projects to Improve the Curb Appeal of Any Home


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There are a number of reasons homes fail to sell in the over-crowded market, unfortunately the home seller doesn’t always have access to that feedback. One way to increase the sale-potential of your home is to increase the curb appeal, since people generally buy with their eyes. Here are three home projects that can boost the curb appeal of any home.

Gazebos and Other Outdoor Viewing Areas

People tend to forget that they aren’t just selling a home, they’re selling a property. Homes that fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful scenery like rolling foothills, forested areas, and natural water features should make them an primary selling point for the home. Investing in a patio gazebo or similar roofed structures can provide a beautiful gathering area for family and friends; it could be exactly what you’re home is missing in the eyes of prospective home buyers.

Deck and Patio Investments

Many home buyers get excited over patios and decks because they provide a number of opportunities for the homeowner who enjoys spending time outdoors. While a deck can certainly be a key selling-point for any home, there are an estimated 40 million decks that are over 20 years old and are in need of significant renovations. In the U.S., an outdoor wood deck addition can return an average return on investment (ROI) of 87%, making it one of the most successful ways to add value to a home.

Custom Fencing Solutions for Any Home

There are a variety of different types of residential fencing available to homeowners with distinct advantages. For those looking to simply denote the perimeter of a property, classy aluminum fencing can improve the curb appeal of a home while offering an ROI of around 65%. The most popular types of residential fencing are privacy fences, as the U.S. zoning committee estimates that these constitute anywhere between 80-90% of fencing applications. Many residential fencing companies offer a variety of colors, styles, and materials for homeowners to make a custom fence that compliments their home. No matter which project you choose to invest in, it ought to be one that helps you fall in love with your home all over again.

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