4 Reasons to Call a Professional About Your HVAC system

Choosing a contractor

Last week our heater broke. When temperatures are as low as they are right now, the heater breaking is not on the list of top five things you thoroughly enjoy happening, to say the least. It wasn’t so much that our heater broke though. We got a new thermostat but we connected it ourselves and it wasn’t wired correctly. Our heating and cooling services are not what we thought they were and we didn’t realize until the batteries (that were only meant to be used for back up but they were running the entire heating and cooling systems) died in the middle of the night and we woke up to a house that was colder inside than outside, if you can believe it. The cold makes me a very unhappy and grumpy person so needless to say, our family was on edge that morning. We kept trying to figure out what we’d done wrong until I finally called the dedicated professionals that I should have called in the first place and they came over and sorted it all out for us in just a few minutes. I learned that HVAC systems are a tricky one and it’s probably best for me to stay away from them. That’s what professionals are for right? In fact, I learned some very valuable lessons about hiring heating and cooling services which I am going to share with you.

  1. Knowledge
  2. This is a simple one. An HVAC specialist is just so much more knowledgeable about his trade than I am. Mind blown, right? Well, he did go to school for this and I, well, I didn’t. Also, don’t stand over him or her and she tries to help you out and make suggestions. Again, they know what they’re doing and would rather a nice cup of coffee instead of your input. Coffee I can do; heating and cool systems, I cannot.

  3. Safety
  4. This is actually the most important reason you should hire a professional. Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I definitely don’t know the risk factors involved. I found out that there are dangerous gases within an HVAC system that are used to build the temperature of the home. Probably, not the best idea for you and me to be messing around with those.

  5. Confidence
  6. Like I mentioned, since I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s purely unsafe. A professional not only has the know how but also has the confidence to get the job done properly. His credentials prove that.

  7. Time
  8. What would probably take me and you days to complete, a specialist could do in minutes, in his sleep, probably. Time is money and the time that you are wasting, sitting at your thermostat or unit, trying to YouTube what might be wrong with it, is money just being thrown down the drain. You’ll save a lot of unnecessary time by just letting someone do it who knows how.

Heating and cooling services are so important to our day to day lives. It’s not rocket science, we all know we should call a professional but we don’t do it. Why? Expense maybe or pride. Who knows why, really, the important things is now we know why we need to do it, so, let’s go do it.