The Benefits Of Renovating Your Landscaping

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The Benefits Of Renovating Your Landscaping


Many people are choosing to upgrade their landscaping, as it has shown to increase enjoyment of outdoor spaces as well as raise the overall market value of a house by as much as fifteen percent. In fact, as many as ninety percent of all real estate agents recommended the addition of tasteful landscaping before a home is officially listed for sale, as it can be influential in helping a home to sell faster and for more money.

Paving companies play an important role in the business of landscape renovations and landscaping work, as everything from a concrete deck to pebble paving falls under the expertise of paving companies. Paving companies will typically be able to recommend what kind of stone or other natural material to use for your landscaping endeavors as well as recommend one of their professional landscapers to do the job for you.

A common material used by nearly forty percent of all homeowners in recent landscape renovations is gravel – otherwise known as crushed rock. Gravel can come in a variety of sizes and colors, meaning that there is likely a kind of gravel to suit any home owner’s tastes. Gravel can be used for a variety of landscaping purposes, but is most typically seen in driveways, patios, terraces, and pathways. Pebble paving is also becoming more and more popular across the United States and a pebble pool deck is one unique way to incorporate stone into the overall design of your landscaping.

Though many people don’t give it that much thought, the quality and look of your driveway can have a considerable impact on the overall look of your landscaping. Gravel driveways, becoming more and more popular, are easy to maintain as well as aesthetically pleasing. If they are provided regular maintenance and upkeep, they are likely to last as long as ten years before needing to be replaced.

The installation of porches, decks, and patios is becoming another popular trend seen in the landscaping industry. In fact, in homes throughout the United States, as many as one hundred and eighty thousand had a porch or a patio and nearly fifteen thousand had both. These home additions can be made from a variety of materials, but concrete is a common choice, particularly for backyard patios. A concrete patio is ideal because it is weather resistant and incredibly durable. However, a concrete patio will need maintenance and a reapplication of whatever protective coating is used about every two years, though this will depend on the level of foot traffic that it sees.

An epoxy coating is a popular choice for a concrete patio in order to protect it, namely because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. An epoxy coating tends to provide a glossy sheen to the concrete that it protects, something that many homeowners find aesthetically interesting and pleasing. Epoxy coatings are also know for their longevity. A typical epoxy coating can last for as long as twenty years if provided the right care, making it the perfect choice for an outdoor space.

Paving companies can help you to decide what landscape renovations will be the right choice for you. Paving companies are also typically able to send workers with you to install whatever upgrades you chose and paving companies can help you by working within your budget.

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