How To Decide What Type Of Flooring Is Right For You

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How To Decide What Type Of Flooring Is Right For You


When you buy or renovate your home, you want it to reflect you in the best light possible. In fact, only less than fifteen percent of all homeowners in the United States feel like their home leaves them feeling gloomy or otherwise negative, meaning that the majority of households are working to reflect their personalities in their home furnishings and decor.

One important aspect to consider when building, buying, or renovating a home is that of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can be the ideal flooring choice for a number of reasons, from easy maintenance to the sophisticated aesthetic that they can provide. In fact, hardwood floors are a main selling factor for up to ninety percent of the prospective home owners who say that they prefer hardwood floors or at least tile flooring in their kitchen areas. In fact, a survey found that hardwood floors covered nearly forty percent of the homes involved in the survey, but did not cover all flooring needs.

This can be attributed to the fact that nearly half of all home owners or prospective home owners prefer their bedrooms to be carpeted. Though carpet can be more difficult to clean than vinyl flooring or hardwood floors, it provides a certain element of coziness to rooms that benefit from that feeling, such as bedroom areas. In fact, if a master bedroom did not originally have carpet, more than thirty five percent of new home owners had plans to renovate that bedroom to add soft carpet instead of the hardwood floors or other type of flooring. Not only do carpets promote a feeling of coziness, they can actually be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from allergies. A Swedish study has shown that the implementation of carpet in a household reduced allergens experienced by the general population, and that when more people did not use carpet in their homes, allergic reaction increased by thirty percent in the general population.

However, there are still advantages of hardwood flooring. For one, the implementation of hardwood flooring has actually been shown to cause houses to be able to sell for more money. A survey done by a real estate group found that the presence of hardwood flooring was enough for more than half of prospective buyers to raise the amount that they were willing to pay for a home.

The flooring of your home is more important than many people may think, as it may change the overall feel and aesthetic of your home. The majority of people typically include a number of different flooring styles throughout their home, from soft carpet to hard wood floors to tile flooring. Laminate flooring, along with vinyl floors, is another popular option. No matter what flooring you ultimately decide upon, it is important that your flooring suits your needs. For example, carpet may be the ideal flooring choice for a family that is prone to allergens while hardwood flooring might be ideal for a family that is looking to put their home on the market soon.

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