The 3 Best Things About Carpet

The 3 Best Things About Carpet


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If you’ve been thinking about carpeting installation, get ready to think some more. Here are some of the reasons why carpet covers nearly 70% of all U.S. floors. (And do so for at least 10 years at a time, 20-30 if they’re woven on a loom.)

The feel – The best selling point when buying carpet is the way that it feels. Carpets are soft, warm, and can add a coziness to any room that can’t be matched by traditional hard flooring options. Use it to add a feeling of security and comfort to any room, like the living room, bedroom, or nursery. Aside from being innately cozy, they can also help to insulate any room, adding warmth and saving you extra costs on your heating bill.

The value – Considerably less expensive than hardwood or linoleum, with proper care, a good carpet is cheap and easy to maintain. As previously mentioned, a good carpet can last up to 30 years with regular cleaning and maintenance. And contrary to popular belief, 99% of all stains can be removed, so long as they’re treated in the first few days after the spill. This is helpful for families with children, who benefit from the extra safety that carpet padding provides, but can tend to be a little bit messy.

The look – Now more than ever, there are hundreds of different carpet designs and materials to customize your home. Whether you just want a basic simple color like white or brown, or maybe something intricate and detailed and brightly colored, carpet stores have a ton of options for you to choose from. Some carpet stores can even install the child-friendly road map carpeting wall-to-wall!

You really can’t go wrong with carpeting, but to hear about carpeting installation and other flooring options available for your home, visit your local flooring specialists.

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