Frequent AC Service Leads to Lower Energy Bills

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Frequent AC Service Leads to Lower Energy Bills


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When the summer heat becomes too much, we turn to our air conditioners to keep us cool. But with the comfort of AC services comes a price; the high-energy spikes that later turn to costly electricity bills during those unbearable summer months. This is even more evident for older air conditioning units, which become increasingly less efficient over time. In the United States, it’s estimated that about 20% of the homes built during the 1980s have air conditioning units over 20 years old, so it can be easy to forget the last time commercial ac repair was performed. If not properly serviced, these older air conditioning units can cause a strain on your finances, as well as put you in danger.
Regular residential or commercial ac repair or replacement can result in huge energy savings, especially in those units that are 15 years or older. High-efficiency models in particular can keep your home or office cool during the summer heat, while simultaneously reducing the energy use for air conditioners by 20% to 50%. The past decade has seen many advances in both residential and commercial air services, such as the inclusion of seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) ratings, energy deficient systems, and the addition of clean air products. For example, ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners have higher ratings of seasonal energy efficiency ratios and energy efficiency ratios, making them more than 15% more efficient than conventional models.
Air conditioning service can not only save your wallet, it can also save your life. A report estimated that air conditioning units, fans, or other AC equipment caused 7,400 U.S. homes fires in 2010. With nearly two-thirds of all homes in the United States utilizing air conditioning units, the danger of fires or other damage caused by neglect of frequent AC repair is very real. Units that are not frequently serviced can collect dust, which can catch on fire if not cleaned out. Excessive dust can also be a sign of leaky ducts, which can cause can excess amount of humidity to collect, leading to structural damages.
Only about 42% of homes in the U.S. service their air conditioning units annually, despite the large number of homes that could benefit from frequent maintenance. It is recommended that you service your air conditioning unit at least once a year to ensure peak efficiency. Whether it is residential or commercial AC repair, it is imperative to schedule regular air conditioner repair services with your local AC repair companies, especially if the unit is greater than 15 years old.

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