Learn How To Fix Common Plumbing Leaks By Following These Steps


One day you find a leaking water pipe in your house. It looks small enough that you feel it isn’t worth calling a plumbing company. How do you fix it on your own? The Youtube channel, Howcast, gives viewers some hints on how they can fix simple leaks by themselves.

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A common leak is the I.P.S., or “Iron Pipe Side” leak. Try using sealing tape. Simply wrap it clockwise in the direction of the joint three times in a row. You can also use pipe thread sealant, or “pipe dope,” and spread a thin layer over the first three threads of the pipe joint. You then screw in the pipe by hand and channel lock tool.

The second DIY repair is the compression joint. Also known as a mechanical joint, this method requires two parts, a nut and a ferrel. The ferrel, a brass ring, will be compressed onto the pipe when you screw on the nut, securing the leak.

A third leak you may encounter can come from a soldered joint. You would have to cut off that soldered area and then attach a new pipe to the affected area.

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