The Difference Between Commercial Flat Roof Repairs and Overlays


There are different options for commercial roof repair on flat roofs. Understanding the difference between a flat roof overlay and other flat roof repairs is important. This video will teach you about the options for commercial roof repair and how a roofing contractor can determine which repairs are right for your situation.

Video Source

Flat roof overlay can save you about 50% on costs. Many roofing companies do not offer this type of repair. However, it is well worth it to connect with a roofing company that does. This informative video is quick to watch and easy to understand. This video shows you exactly how this repair option works. It also talks about the benefits of this roofing repair option and how it restores your roof to like-new condition.

Watch as the commercial roofer takes you on a tour of a commercial roofing project to help you understand your options. This quick video shows you the process of a roofing overlay and explains the value of choosing this roof repair option.

Watch this video to gather the information you need about flat roof repair options to make an informed decision about your roof repairs.


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