How To Renovate, Remodel, and Repair Your Home

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How To Renovate, Remodel, and Repair Your Home


Tools To Help Create Your Dream Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than tearing apart an old tiled floor and laying down beautiful hardwoods throughout, especially when it’s your hands creating the new look. However, getting to the level of “doing-it-yourself” requires some time, patience, and educating yourself with proper research. With an exceedingly comprehensive guide, and tool rental Lexington, DIY home improvements for the first time can become an easier process as you learn the skills needed to handle the job. Statistics show that people enjoy doing DIY projects, and for this reason alone, 47% of home improvements were completed in this manner.

Painting is one of the easier tasks and it doesn’t require a professional skill set, or specialized tools to get it properly done. However, your first time stroking the paint across the wall may not be equal to painters Lexington KY. There are several steps that should be taken prior to you getting your paintbrush wet. With the proper tool rental Lexington, this will be a breeze.

Let’s start with prepping the room that you’re going to be painting by preparing the walls themselves. Skipping this required step can be a surefire recipe for spills and splatters. Therefore, let’s try not to ruin our floors, baseboards, ceilings, window blinds or furniture. We do not want to have to backtrack when this could have been prevented from the very beginning; not to mention the amount of work it would take to get them clean again!

First step in prepping your painting room is you need to either remove all the furniture or slide it all to the center of the room. This is a safety precaution so you don’t trip over it and/or get paint on it. Rule of thumb, if you are unable to move a piece of furnishing, wait to do this room till a later time when you have assistance to properly prepare the entire room. You don’t want to start a project only to complete it later and possibly have lines dried into your newly applied artwork.

Next you will need to cover and/or remove all your wall fixtures. This is so you can properly paint all the wall and not leave and unwanted spots. You will be able to spackle any holes and cock any cracks within the surface of your canvas by receiving the proper tools through the tool rental Lexington. Finally, once you have selected the color from one of your local paint stores, it’s time to color!

With any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project there will be steps to take prior to you actually doing the work. With hanging shutters you will need to take them down, strip the old paint off, sand down, primer them, AND THEN you can apply the color and texture you desire. Wallpaper is slightly more in-depth due to the glue holding up the current papers onto your walls. There are several ways to pull down old, stained wallpaper but one of the easiest ones is to rent a steamer at your local tool rental Lexington, and steam the paper down.

This process is actually quite unique and interesting because the water heats up inside the steamer and then pushes out the steam through the nozzle. At this point, you will place the nozzle at the very tip-top of the wall where the wallpaper begins and slowly slide it down that specific sheet. As the paper heats up, this creates friction with the glue holding it in place, and then eventually the glue gets hot and sticky. This is where you will be able to peel the paper off the wall just as you would do the paper off the back of a sticker; gently and stickily.

Taking the time to learn the different techniques of each project and make your DIY experience more fun and enjoyable with every new skill set you learn. We are never too old to learn anything and why not add extra knowledge to our own tool belts! So have fun, create laughter, and make memories, this is your canvas to create your world on.

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