How to Make Window Cleanings Last Longer

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How to Make Window Cleanings Last Longer


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Residential window cleaning is an important investment, but it can also be an expensive one, whether you hire window cleaning professionals or rent commercial pressure washing equipment. But there are ways to make that investment last for a longer amount of time. Here are just a few ways you can keep the glass on your home sparkling between window cleanings:

  • Get the Screens Cleaned

    Make sure when you clean your windows, you clean your screens as well. Dust, pollen and dirt can get trapped in the mesh of your window screens, and when it rains outside, all of that debris ends up on the glass of your windows. Clean them often and remove them in the window months to keep your glass cleaner longer.
  • Keep Things Away From the Windows

    Make sure that your barbeque grill is placed at least five feet away from any windows to keep from clouding windows with smoke, oil, grease and sauce. You should also make sure any trees or bushes are kept at a safe distance so the pollen from the plants doesn’t gather on your window panes. You should also perform regular gutter cleaning to prevent dirt from leaking down onto windows.
  • Don’t Let Your Sprinklers Hit the Windows

    It may not seem like a bad thing for sprinklers to hit your window. It’s an extra washing, right? Unfortunately, mineral deposits from your sprinkler system can stain your windows and even etch the surface of the glass over time.
  • Change Your HVAC Filters

    Dirty HVAC filters result in poor indoor air quality, which means that there’s more dust in your air. Much of that dust can accumulate on your windows if you don’t change your filters on a regular basis. Cleaning the ducts of your HVAC system may also help keep the windows clear, especially if the home is new and the system is filled with drywall dust.

All of these tips should buy you a little more time before you have to make another call to the local window cleaning specialists.
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