Three Essential Tips for Cleaning the Outside of Your Windows


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Keeping windows clean can be tough. From fingerprints on the inside to water spots and dirt from rain and weather, it doesn’t take long for a window to get cloudy. Indoors, it’s easy to spray it with a window cleaner and give it a quick wipe, but the exterior is a different story. Here are a few essential tips for cleaning outside windows the right way.

1. Use the Right Equipment.
One of the most important steps to proper outdoor window washing is to use the right equipment. Outdoor windows can be touch to reach, so you’ll either need an extension pole or a ladder handy. Make sure if you’re using a scraping tool that it won’t scratch the glass — plastic is usually better than metal if there is something on the window that needs scraping off. As for a wipe, use a microfiber cloth that won’t leave behind lint or streaks and a squeegee.

2. Use the Right Solution.
Another tip for effective outdoor window washing is to use the right solution to do it. Some solutions can leave streaks, deposits, or water spots, so making sure you have the right one is important for a completely clean window. A commonly used solution can be made right from the things found right in the kitchen: vinegar, warm water, and dish soap. Some people prefer to use distilled water exclusively, since it’s less likely to leave behind water spots and deposits.

3. Use the Right Technique.
It doesn’t matter what equipment or window washing solutions you use if your technique isn’t right. The best way to clean outside windows is to use a dampened cloth to wipe and wash the pane and then use a squeegee to remove the water. It’s important to start with the top of the window and the top pane. Always wipe in a downward motion with the squeegee.

Do you have any other tips for window cleaning? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section. More like this.

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