How a Whole House Generator Can Save You Time, Money, and Convenience

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How a Whole House Generator Can Save You Time, Money, and Convenience


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Most people have experienced a power blackout at some point. One minute, you are sitting in front of the computer and the next, the power is out. You wait a few seconds for it to turn back on, but it doesn?t. You contact the power company, to find out that there is a problem and it could be hours, even days to fully restore power. You notice your computer and phone are almost out of power and the lack of heat will surely make it cold in their very quickly. We tend to take our reliance on power for granted, until we are without it. Avoid these inconvenient power outages with whole house generators. Whole house generators can save you from many situations.

Protects your expensive electronics
Your home is likely filled with many expensive electronic items. When the power goes out, electrical surges can happen. When these surges continue to turn on and off, your electronics that are plugged in are at risk. They can eventually fry the item and completely ruin them. Avoid power surges by installing whole house generators. Once the power goes out, the emergency generator will turn on and there is less chance of power surges ruining your electrical items.

Keeps your food fresh
It always seems like the power goes out the same day you just spent hundreds on groceries. If the power remains out for many hours, the food in your fridge can spoil. If you are unsure about the quality of your food after a power outage, use a food thermometer to check the temperature of your food right before you cook or eat it. Throw away any food that has a temperature of more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Next time, consider using whole house generators. The cost of the generator can easily be made up with a couple saved grocery shopping trips.

Medical equipment usage
It may be necessary to have a whole house generator installed if you are reliant on medical equipment. Many of today?s medical equipment are powered by electricity or a battery that regularly needs to be charged. If you run the risk of needing medical equipment during a power outage, a generator installation can be life saving. However, if you require a generator for required medical equipment usage, ensure that you have a generator that is large enough for your needs.

Generator size calculators can help determine your generator needs. To determine the size of the generator needed, total the rated watts of the appliances and fixtures you will want to operate during an outage, especially the needed medical equipment. Some loads are easy to determine, a 100 watt light bulb, for example uses 100 watts. Ten 100 watt bulbs would require 1,000 watts or one kilowatt. If you are unable to get a generator to properly power all of your household items, minimally ensure you have one large enough to power your medical supplies.

Work requirements
In today?s highly technological times, many people work solely from home. A power outage may not be sufficient reason to miss important work deadlines. Whole house generators can save you from missing work, even when the power is out. A standby generator Destin can be extremely beneficial, as it kicks in immediately and reduces the risk of losing any unsaved work. If you primarily work from home, you may easily pay for the cost of whole house generators by never having to miss work during a power outage.

Power outages are always a possibility. In fact, they seem to be increasing as we rely more and more on electricity. According to federal data, the U.S. electric grid loses power 285% more often than in 1984, when the data collection effort on blackouts began. Power outages can be expensive, causing you to lose expensive electronic items, miss work deadlines, and forcing you to throw out fresh foods. They can also be dangerous, especially if you rely on powered medical equipment. Whole house generators can save you from experiencing the expensive and extremely inconvenience of blackouts.

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