Bringing Clouds Inside for Your Suspended Ceiling

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Bringing Clouds Inside for Your Suspended Ceiling



Think of all of the wonderful things that you love to listen to. Thunderstorms, crashing waves, a child’s laughter, a bird’s song, your favorite music, the voice of someone important to you. Sound is such a vital part of our everyday lives. We rely on our sense of sound more than we realize, picking up on things that we might not even consciously register at first. Sound is an incredible thing, and it is incredible how humankind has learned to manipulate it in different ways. For example, the construction of a space, such as the use of a suspended ceiling and soundproofing wall panels, can greatly change the acoustics of that room.

The importance of sound
There are about 26 million individuals, which works out to be around 15% of the population, who are aged between 20 years old and 69, with high frequency hearing loss. That hearing loss is due to the exposure to noise that they experience either at work or during recreational and leisure activities. Many people do not realize how sensitive their ears can be to different sounds, and how often we are bombarded with various noises of such decibels that they end up inflicting harm, or at least a little bit of hearing loss at a time. Think of all the times you wanted to rock out to your jam when you were wearing your headphones, and the volume was cranked all the way up. There is only so much of that extremely high volume streaming directly to your ears that you will be able to take. If you want to be rocking out to your favorite jam years down the road, turn down the volume, at least a little bit.

Making your ideal space

Can you envision a suspended ceiling
in your home or office? The idea of a suspended ceiling is attractive to many people for multiple reasons. On the one hand, acoustic ceiling tiles can help provide the sound absorption and alteration that you desire for the space in question. But on the other hand, for those not concerned in the slightest with the sound quality, the decorative acoustic ceiling tiles add ambiance and a unique look that you can fully appreciate.

When you are attempting to soundproof a room or alter the echo or acoustics, you should shop around until you find a professional who can provide the quality and expertise you need. You should find someone who could help you understand the four tactics of soundproofing, which are damping, adding mass, filling air gaps, and decoupling. But you should also be able to share your vision of wanting to include soundproofing wall panels and ceiling clouds that fit with the style and design that you have in mind for the place.

Talk with a trusted professional about how you can have the perfect recording studio, conference room, office space, and more by combining the attractive look and improved sound quality of a suspended ceiling.

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