Four Signs You Need to Fix Your Roof

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Four Signs You Need to Fix Your Roof


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Roof repairs are an absolutely necessary investment. If you notice a problem with your roof and fail to fix it in time, you may wind up needing an entire roof replacement, which is much more expensive. Depending on roof types and shapes, as well as on the cost of the types of roofing materials being used, a roof replacement can cost as much as $25,000.

Instead of letting your roof fall into disrepair, you need to check it every so often for signs of damage. Here’s what you should look for.

Missing Shingles.

The elements are perpetually beating down on your roof. Rain, hail, snow, intense heat, and intense winds each weaken your roof’s shingles, causing them crack, curl, or even separate from your roof, which makes it all the more susceptible to damage. If your shingles are looking worse for wear, you need roof repairs.


A dip on your roof’s ridges, slope, or between the attic’s rafters means that it’s straining from heavy loads. Multiple layers of shingles from past roof repairs, or persistent moisture can cause a roof to sag. Unfortunately, dips are a clear sign that you need roofing replacement.

Fluctuating Heating and Cooling Bills.

If your heating and cooling bills have started to change, your roof might be damaged. Holes and leaks could be letting hot air in, causing your cooling bills to increase, or could be letting the cold air in, causing your heating bills to rise.

Exposed Nails.

They might not seem like that big a deal, but they really are. Exposed nails allow water to get in underneath the nail’s head, which consequentially causes water damage to your roof and your interior walls. It’s worse if the nail is even missing. You definitely need roof repairs if your nails are exposed or missing.

Every season you should inspect your roof for these signs of damage. If you notice any of them, call a roof repairs service immediately to take care of it, lest you wind up needing to replace your roof. If you have any questions about roof repairs, feel free to ask in the comments. More research here.

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