Four Ways to Burglar-Proof Your House

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Four Ways to Burglar-Proof Your House


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By the time you finish reading this article, dozens of houses somewhere in the United States will have been burglarized. According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, 250 houses in the United States are burglarized every hour, which means that every 14.4 seconds, there’s a burglary.

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your home from being invaded. Here are a few such tricks.

Home Protection Systems.

The best and most obvious way you can protect your home is with a security system, but with the economy being as sluggish as it is, many people are looking to cut away as many as expenses as possible. Fortunately, the home protection stickers and signs warning that the home is protected are often enough to scare burglars away. You can find several dummy stickers and signs online for cheap that “warn” burglars to stay away.

Security Fences.

Security fences are a natural burglar deterrent. Not only can they be tough to scale, but who knows what’s hiding behind them. There could be thorny bushes, or even a guard dog hiding behind them. Wrought iron fences make the best security fences for homes, but chain link fences are pretty good security fences, too.

Lawn Care.

Speaking of landscaping, a great way for homeowners to deter burglars is to keep their lawns trim and tidy. Not only is this a sign that they’re still around (and not on vacation), but it also ensures that burglars don’t have anywhere to hide if they do somehow scale security fences.

Get Motion Sensor Lights.

Motion sensor lights are great way to catch home invaders. The moment someone tries to get into your yard, it’ll be flooded with light. Since your lawn is neat and tidy without a place to hide, they’ll help you spot burglars should they ever try to pull anything.

With these tips, you can make your home much more safe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. See this link for more. See this link for more.

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