Choosing an Elevator For a Home or Commercial Building

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Choosing an Elevator For a Home or Commercial Building


Choosing an elevator for a home

Do you own a home or business that is in need of an elevator? Perhaps the new commercial building you purchased is out of date and not up to ADA accessibility regulations or maybe you own a residential home and are tossing around the idea of installing an elevator. No matter what your needs may be, you absolutely have options. Below are a few things you ought to know about choosing an elevator for a home or business:

1. Safety – Studies have shown that elevators are 20 times more safe than escalators in buildings. That is just one of the reasons that some many commercial building owners are investing in them. When you are choosing an elevator for your space, be sure to ask the sales rep what sort of safety features the different models have. That can absolutely help influence your decision.

2. Ease and Comfort – When choosing an elevator for a home or business you must consider the benefits of making the space more comfortable and accessible for everyone who visits. The design of elevators is simple and has been so for dozens of years: getting people from one floor to another with the pulley system and a bit of electricity. What a fantastic concept!

3. Maintenance and Repair – When it comes to hiring a professional for elevator maintenance, it is sometimes easier to set yourself up with a contract around the same time as your elevator installation. Without something set up on a contracted schedule, you may not be able to get a repair person out in time after your start seeing signs an elevator needs maintenance. If you recently purchased a building that already has an elevator in it, you’ll need to check its age to determine whether it ought to be replaced. Any older than 20 years and you will need some type of upgrade or replacement.

There are nearly 1 million elevators in the United States today. If you are choosing an elevator for a home or business you will be faced with many choices and designs. Only you know the specifics of the location you own, so make that a focal point for your search. Find the right fit for your space and you won’t regret it.

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