Elevator Companies and the Services That They Provide for Homeowners and Commercial Establishments


Residential elevator installation company

United Technologies reports that every nine days, the equivalent of the world’s population is transported on elevators throughout the United States. Every year, there are 18 billion passenger trips taken on the 900,000 elevators in this country., and an estimated 20,000 people are transported by each elevator.

The elevator has definitely evolved technologically over the years. While there may still be a few older buildings remaining that require the two-man dispatcher and operator team in order to operate them, these have become a thing of the past. Since navigational buttons were engineered, riders can now operate these elevators themselves.

Most elevators can be found in commercial, retail, or residential properties. These buildings have an average rise of 40 feet or four to five floors. While many of these buildings may also have stairs or escalators, elevators provide a faster and safer alternative. It’s been demonstrated that elevators are actually 20 times more safe than escalators.

There are five basic types of elevators:

  • Passenger elevators
  • Freight elevators
  • LULA elevators
  • Home elevators
  • Personnel elevators

The height of the building will usually dictate whether a passenger elevator is hydraulically or traction-driven. When the building’s height is up to 50 feet, then hydraulically-driven elevators are used. If the building is over 50 feet, then a traction-drive elevator would be used.

Since these various elevators have different purposes, they do vary in size and capacity. Given the type of business or enterprise where these elevators are located, there may be more than one type of elevator in the building. Some residential buildings and facilities, for instance, may have both passenger and freight elevators.

Home elevators are becoming more common as many adults are planning to age in-place. Given this and other reasons, more than 10,000 residential elevators are installed every year. Residential lifts are also convenient for multi-floored homes and can accommodate residents and guests that use mobility devices.

An elevator company can install a variety of elevators, from commercial elevators to residential lifts. When someone contacts an elevator company to learn more about having a residential lift installed, it’s important to note that after the elevator is installed, a residential elevator installation company can also provide home elevator repair when needed.

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