Are You Taking Care of Your Trees?

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Are You Taking Care of Your Trees?


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How often do you think the health of the trees on your property? Are you the type of person who doesn’t think about it at all until a storm hits and you have to deal with down trees and power lines? The truth is that trees are beneficial to property owners for dozens of reasons. For starters, trees absorb and block sound, which ultimately reduces noise pollution by as much as 40%. In addition to that, the evaporation from just 1 tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room size air conditioners. Are you convinced yet? Here are a few ways to make sure your trees are healthy:

1. Tree Maintenance – One of the most popular forms of tree maintenance is trimming trees. In fact, the Department of Agriculture suggests trimming trees at least one time per year during the dormant season. Another tip for tree maintenance is watering. On average trees need the equivalent of 1 inch of rain every 7 to 10 days, depending on the species. If you live in an area with very little rain then you may want to consider the type of tree you plant and make sure that it can stand up to drought like conditions.

2. Tree Removal – Sometimes trimming trees isn’t enough and unfortunately trees can wither and die. In those cases tree removal may be necessary. Lucky for you there are all sorts of ways to remove a tree so that your property will not be damaged. However, keep in mind that for tree professionals the removal of a tree is typically the last resort.

3. Tree Specialists – An arborist is the person who studies and cultivates trees. You may know them as tree specialists or tree doctors. You may need the advice of an arborist if you have trees on your property that you are worried about or if you are considering planting new trees. You should also consult with an arborist if you are unsure how to prune or trim your trees to promote their health. Just like you do with your own health, trust the experts when it comes to the health of your trees.

Did you know that the property values of landscaped homes are 5-15% higher than homes that are non-landscaped homes? Trees can add to the value of your home, the quality of the environment, and the noise levels on or around your property. What’s not to love? Make sure you know all that you can about tree maintenance, tree removal, and tree specialists so that you can take care of the trees around you!

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