Make the Most of Your Home with Landscaping

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Make the Most of Your Home with Landscaping


Nice gardens don’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the best exterior landscaping ideas and plans are fairly simple. People can take the lawns that they have and add a few garden plots to them. Some exterior design landscape work itself is somewhat challenging and time-consuming. Landscaping professionals have experience with absolutely all of it and can help.

Exterior garden design includes more than just exterior plants landscaping, even though they’re important. Walkway services can install pathways and similar features. Some people might want to plant flowers and other types of vegetation themselves.

Putting a brick path into place can be much more tiring. Even a narrow pathway will be made using a fairly large number of bricks or stones. If they aren’t set into place in a precise manner, the area won’t be smooth or even. Planting a tree won’t take as long. People just have to decide on the right position for the tree in advance, which could require more effort.
Landscapes can also be adjusted. Some homeowners might dislike the yards that they have, and they’ll decide to start over with them. That said, many landscaping experts will know how to use what’s presently available.

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Good landscaping design can greatly improve the value of your home. The return of investment on a good landscaping job can be as high as 100% according to Money Magazine. It can also be add value in other ways. Home owners can save up to 30% on energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, with energy-efficient landscaping like adding trees. Having dense trees in the yard can block 95% of the sunlight that would reach the surface. This shields the home from 75% of the sun’s heat.

How do you decide what to do with your yard? The first thing is to find a good landscaping services company. They can work with you on your landscape design and make sure it meets all of your needs. A good one might also part with some of their landscaping tricks and lawn care tips.

The next thing you need t do is really decide what you want to do with your space. What are your needs? Do you have children who will need a place to play? Maybe you want to put in a swing set or a pool. Those things will dictate what your landscaping services can and cannot do.

You also have to make sure you know the pattern of your space. When are the different areas in direct sun light and when are they in shade? This may change your idea about where you put a deck or patio. It will also have an impact on what plants you put in. You want to plant things that will thrive in their environment. That will make it easier for you to keep up whatever your landscaping services company does plant.

Be open to the suggestions of your landscaping services company. You should be open with them about what you like and want. They, however, are experts in landscaping and may know better what can grow well and what will look good in certain areas. If they will not listen to you at ll, you need to find a new landscaper but if you insist on putting plants in an area where they are going to die right away, no one will be happy with the job is gone.

If you are new to gardening and are having your landscape design person put one in, start small if you are going to be doing all of the work. It is nice to come back to a much garden, but a lot of plants means a lot of work and can become overwhelming very easily. Pace yourself! This is a marathon, not a sprint so don’t go overboard with the size if you have never gardened before.

Landscaping is really a valuable part of your property. It can bring out features of your home that are hidden, maybe you’ve highlighted a focal point on your house that was hard to notice before. It adds to the resale value and will make it a nicer place for you and your family to live.

If you have landscaping questions, please leave us a comment. We love to hear your questions, thoughts and ideas.


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