5 Great Things About Motorized Window Treatments

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5 Great Things About Motorized Window Treatments


Customers may ask: are curtains still in style? A similar question is: are curtains still popular? It’s technically possible for a product category to still be widely used, even if it’s not considered fashionable. People can disagree about what’s stylish and what isn’t.
At that point, customers could also wonder: are curtains modern? There are certainly new types of curtains being produced. Lots of homeowners today get curtains and similar window treatments installed. They might have motorized shades as well as curtains, or just the motorized treatments for windows.
Many people consider motorized window blinds trendy, but that doesn’t mean that curtains are considered too old-fashioned to use. The blinds that have motors are being used more frequently than the older window treatment blind systems that were controlled using strings. However, curtains are completely different.
The uniquely decorative qualities of curtains has helped keep them in use today. There are lots of window blind designs, but they’ll never have the texture of certain varieties of curtains.
People should immediately research a range of window treatment products after asking: are curtains expensive? The prices of these window coverings might change quickly. Curtains that weren’t available before can also suddenly become easier to locate.

You might not think that technology could do a lot for window treatments, but technology is changing everything. Innovations that used to be just for space shuttles and sci-fi films are now making their way into everyday homes. Motorized window treatments are just one of these amazing innovations. Here’s why you should consider getting motorized window blinds or motorized window shades.

You Control Your Privacy

Have you ever gotten out of the shower only to realize that you left your towel in the other room: and there’s a window between you and your towel? And the blinds of that window are open? And the neighbors are home? With automatic window blinds, you simply push a button and the shades close themselves.

You Can Automate Your Life in Helpful Ways

You don’t need an alarm clock if you program your blinds to go up at a set time in the morning. You’ll also feel less grumpy if you wake up gradually to natural light rather than suddenly to an annoying buzzer. You’ll also be able to set blinds by your plants to provide light or shade as needed, and you can automatically tell south-facing or west-facing shades to lower in the afternoon, saving you money on your energy bills.

Your Home’s Value Goes Up

Since motorized blinds make your home greener, your home value automatically goes up when you get them installed. It also makes your home more desirable because, let’s face it, motorized blinds are just plain cool.

Protect Your Kids and Pets

You might not know this, but a study done in late 2017 found that a child dies in America every month from a window-blind related incident, and two children are injured every day. Most minor injuries involved the blinds falling, especially when another child pulled on the cord. You can prevent this from happening by putting in motorized blinds. Even more crucially, most serious blind injuries and 94% of the deaths came from children being entangled in the cords used to raise and lower blinds. In fact, the situation is so serious that the Center for Injury Research and Policy thinks unexposed or inaccessible cords should be mandatory for all blinds. And while injuries and deaths among children are the most serious concern, your pets are at risk, too. Motorized blinds can give you peace of mind about safety.

Enjoy Your View Automatically

Many types of motorized blinds can be set to respond to the weather. You can not only manage heat gains in the house, but also set them to open or close automatically in response to the sun, as you prefer. Create the perfect mood lighting with the touch of a button!

Angie’s List reports that convenience is the number one reason that people switch over to motorized window blinds. Whether you want convenience, ambiance, or just more control of your energy bills, motorized window treatments are the answer.

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