3 Reasons to Ditch Conventional Lawn Services for an Organic Lawncare Company


Organic lawncare service

Did you know that the average lawn in the United States sees 10 times the pesticides that an acre of farmland gets? That high dose of chemicals is supposed to eliminate weeds and control pests and insects, but it can actually do significant damage to the ecosystem. What’s worse, though, is that most people don’t know just how bad these chemicals can be. Fortunately, there are more options today, and organic lawncare treatments without harmful pesticides are becoming popular.

So why should you consider hiring an organic lawncare company instead this summer? Here are three reasons to ditch pesticide-laden lawncare and go green with organic lawncare services.

    1. Your conventional lawncare service could be doing more harm than good for your yard. Pesticides are meant to make your grass greener and supposedly healthier, but this isn’t always the case. Pesticides can also get into soil and affect the earthworms and other creatures living within it. When earthworms die off, your lawn is no longer naturally aerated. That can have a negative effect on soil quality, which is counterintuitive to hiring a lawncare company.

    2. Organic lawncare doesn’t have the same environmental impact that pesticides do. Pesticides can also get into soil and affect groundwater, which is used as a water source for half the country. An organic lawncare company, however, will not use these chemicals, instead opting for natural ways to take care of a lawn. That’s better for your lawn and your local community.

    3. Treating your lawn with organic materials can help keep your family and pets safe. Children and pets may go out and play on the lawn despite warnings to avoid it after the grass has been sprayed with pesticides. As a result, those chemicals can get tracked inside and can pollute your home. They can also make you, your children, and your pets sick.

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