3 of the Most Insane Ways Fences Can Break

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3 of the Most Insane Ways Fences Can Break


Chantilly residential fence

More often than not, fences get broken either in accidents, during storms, or from car accidents. Perhaps even from people or deer trying to jump them. However, those aren’t the only ways fences get broken.

Here are a few of the strangest ways residential fencing has been broken recently.

A Bureaucratic Mistake.

Wrought iron fences are not easy things to destroy, yet thanks to a bureaucratic mistake, 160-year-old iron fencing was cut down. Fortunately, the mistake was fixed. Iron workers expertly re-erected the refurbished fence, which had been there since 1854.

A Plane Crash.

Last May, a small plane crashed into a fence before coming to a stop in a bushy area near San Antonio, Texas. Sadly, four people died in the accident. The good news — if there is any to the story — is that the plane crashed in an unpopulated area, resulting in no injuries other than the ones to the occupants of the plane.

A Tank.

On a lighter note, perhaps the funniest and most shocking way a fence was recently destroyed was from a tank malfunction. Last February, one of Britain’s armoured Warrior infantry fighting vehicle was out on an exercise in Germany when a mechanical failure occurred, causing the war machine to veer off the road. The gigantic vehicle wound up crashing through an elderly couple’s fence and shrubbery, but thankfully stopped short of the house. No one was hurt in the incident, but the elderly couple were late to visit their granddaughter.

These are just a few of the strangest ways fences have been destroyed. After all, who would expect a tank to come barreling through their front yard, anyways? If you know of any other weird ways that fences have been destroyed, feel free to share the stories you know in the comments.

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