You Finished Your Construction Project and Have Scrap Metal Now What?


Sell scrap carbide

There are many, many tons of metal produced in the United States everyday. This is no secret, but how much is produced exactly might surprise you a little bit. In fact, there is enough metal produced here every day to construct 25 Eiffel Towers. With that much metal being produced, some of it has to go unused, or get used and then sit unused for quite a while. This metal is scrap metal. A good amount of this metal is tungsten carbide scrap. Finding some valuable scrap metal could be money in your pocket.

Tungsten carbide scrap can often times be found in old mill tools. This is important because carbide scrap metal can be worth between 5 and 10 dollars a pound. This would be a good time to remind you that there is enough produced everyday to build 25 Eiffel Towers. Taking this into account, there is a lot of value floating around out there in scrap metal. This value is further inflated when you take into account that tungsten carbide scrap often goes for double what other scrap metal is worth.

Recycling carbide can be a nice way to make some extra money while helping the environment. If you find a lot of tungsten carbide scrap, you might be able to make more than just some “extra money.” Tungsten carbide scrap prices being so high can really allow those pounds of scrap metal to add up fast, leading to a nice pay day. Plenty of places out there will be willing to buy scrap carbide from you. It is just a matter of finding carbide scrap buyers that are willing to pay you a decent price per pound. Doing some research will allow you to sell scrap carbide for a profit. Get more on this here.

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