The Facts About Growing a Green Lawn

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The Facts About Growing a Green Lawn


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When you buy grass seed when to sow is probably the most important part about growing the fullest, healthiest-looking lawn. For instance, landscape professionals know that the best time to plant grass is during August, for the humidity, barometric readings, and amount of sunlight and rain is ideal at that time.

However, growing the thickest green grass requires more than planting grass seed at the right time of year, but many other things such as frequency of mowing, being careful not to over water, and even the content of the soil. In fact, some property owners will go so far as having a soil analysis done to determine the best approach to take.

If you really want to get technical about it, there are a variety of techniques and methods that must be used for growing grass in certain areas of your lawn. For instance, there are methods of planting grass seed for shaded areas, as well as planting in sunny areas. In fact, landscaping experts even use different types of grass seed for different types of soil, and for specific purposes. After all, you’re not going to use the same grass seed when to sow grass for a golf green as you would for the rough.

Unless you are a lawn expert, you probably don’t even know how many types of grass seed there are today. Not only are there specific species that work better for certain types of soil, but there is even drought resistant grass seed! Could you imagine how handy that would have been to the Joads? If it had existed during the 1930s, it may have changed assuaged the effects of the infamous Dust Bowl.

Regardless of where you live, or the quality of your soil, it is always important to buy good grass seed if you want decent results. While cheap grass seeds won’t make your front lawn look like the putting green at Augusta, it will at least allow you to have a nice-looking lawn.

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