Windows and Their Effects on Mental Health

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Windows and Their Effects on Mental Health


We lived in an increasingly closed off society. Though we are all connected, it’s harder than ever to find true authentic connection in our increasingly digitized ecosystem. We are encouraged to stay home, sit down, do nothing. Close ourselves off from the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You might think to yourself why is this and how do we do something about it? How do we open ourselves up to the world and all of the good things in it if everything is encouraging us to close off and do nothing? Well there are plenty of little things you can do to fix this, provided you look in the right places. You can do big things like go on a vacation or spend a little more time with family and friends. You can hike or water ski or find an activity which gets you moving and gets you out in the world. It can be a trip to the desert or the mountains or maybe just the ocean. Seeing how immense and complex the world is really opens up a sense of wonder in a lot of people. You could even try reading a new book or meeting new people if you want to explore new ideas and concepts or experience new personalities. These are all big things but there are smaller things you can do as well, things that don’t seem quite as obvious at first. Let’s take a look at some of these smaller things and see what they can do for you.
Custom Windows and Window Installation
Let’s start with the basic underlying cause of feeling cut off, namely the idea that we are separated from the outside and the natural environment. As previously discussed, there are several bigger things you can do to remedy this situation but there are also smaller things you can do. Things and routes you can take that you might not even have thought of. Let’s take a look at where we spend most of our time first, namely, inside our homes. Now your home is kind of like a body with all the different parts working together to form a cohesive whole. Your plumbing is kind of like your circulatory system that carries water everywhere it needs to go. Your electric system is kind of like your nervous system, beaming signals to wherever they need to be in your house. And your family is kind of like the controlling brain, deciding where everything goes and what’s going to happen. But there are other components too, ones you might not be fully aware of. More subtle components, in a certain way, that change how you see your home and how you see the world. Windows are an incredibly important part of a healthy home and healthy home residents therein.
What Windows Can Do For You
Now, there are different kinds of windows for different sorts of rooms. Sliding patio doors are going to have different windows than, say, a bedroom which might have vinyl windows or specially designed windows. Some rooms may even have custom windows or a certain specific kind of window design that can be chosen by the residents of the home in question. Custom windows are often a little more expensive but are worth it if you really want to make a room pop in a certain way. All windows, however, are an opening to the outside, a portal through which you are able to see the natural world. Not just the natural world, either, but your neighbors, your friends, your surroundings. No matter what type of windows they are, they serve one basic function first before all others. Open a home to the outside world and let the sunshine in.
Components of Mental Health
All windows, custom windows or not, serve this basic function but can all do it in radically different ways. Big picture windows can show a whole panorama, bedroom windows can let in the right amount of light while still being private. The right home windows can make a whole host of mental and emotional difference under the right type of circumstances.

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