Why Organic Lawn Care is Better for You, Your Family and the Environment

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Why Organic Lawn Care is Better for You, Your Family and the Environment


Organic lawn care round lake

If, like many other homeowners, you’re worried about all the chemical fertilizers and pesticides you or your landscaping company are putting on your lawn, you’ll be glad to learn that there is an alternative. Organic lawn care is better for you and your family, pets and for the environment. Natural lawn care doesn’t mean that you have to have a scruffy worn out lawn with embarrassing bald patches. When it’s done right, natural lawn care can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful and best of all, chemical-free.

Why choose organic lawn care?
When it comes to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, less is better. And it’s best if you can do without altogether. When it comes to chemical pollution, fertilizer is just as much at fault as pesticides. Consider the following facts:

  • As much as 40-60% of the nitrogen from fertilizer used in agriculture and lawns is washed off into water bodies, or ends up in ground water. Ground water is the source of well water used by millions of people as their sole water supply. In water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans, excess nitrogen creates dead zones where nothing can live. The largest dead zone in the world is in the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi river, where tens of thousands of tons of fertilizer washes down each year.
  • American lawns use ten times as much herbicide per acre than farmland. The total amount of pesticide used in American lawns each year is 70 million pounds. The harmful effects of pesticides on insects and bees is gaining public attention, but it also affects birds and other creatures. Pesticide poisoning kills 60-70 million birds each year.
  • Like bees and birds, earthworms are an essential part of maintaining the natural cycle. They are known as the gardener’s friend for a good reason. But fungicides and pesticide can kill anywhere from 60 to 90% of the earthworms, or even more, wherever they are used, according to a publication by the Virginia Cooperative Extension on ?Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies”.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are harmful for the natural world on many different levels. If they cause so much harm to other living creatures, do you really want them scattered across the lawns where your kids and pets play?

How organic lawn care works
Also like many homeowners, you may be worried about what the neighbors will think if you stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There might even be city ordinances against neglecting your lawn. But with organic lawn care Cary and other areas, you can have a green, healthy lawn without using harsh chemicals.
Organic lawn care buffalo grove companies have developed techniques such as Integrated Pest Management System (IPM), which allows them to reduce and then do away with using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Using organic based lawn care products instead of petroleum based ones, your lawn will look and be healthy and beautiful.

If you’re looking for natural and organic lawn care round lake, you can begin with a consultation that will take into account the features and special conditions of your yard. Your organic lawn care company will then develop a unique routine that will keep your lawn green, inviting and healthy.

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