4 Trent in Architecture You Need to Know

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4 Trent in Architecture You Need to Know


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The world of architecture is ever moving, as with the rest of the world. We are always on the look out for new trends and new interesting styles. As our world culture evolves, so too do the buildings in which we inhabit. Whether they be office buildings, residential buildings, or somewhere in between, our styles of architecture is evolving. Here’s a list of some of the recent trends that have emerged in the last year. From Spiral duct fittings to shingles or oval duct to carbon fibre and back.

  1. Carbon Fibre
    Get ready for a potentially large change to come in the future for the world of architecture. In 2016, experts announced that carbon fibre could be a big game changer. This material, once combined with robotic construction techniques, could create a great future for construction.
  2. Thin Skyscrapers
    Another thing to happen in the past year is that a trend, and sort of competition, emerged between architects. There grew a desire to build ever thinner and thinner skyscrapers with tools and materials like carbon fibre and spiral duct fittings. The Skyscraper museum in New York City even went so far as to create an online tool to keep count of these new buildings.
  3. Shingles
    Shingles became a steadfast trend in architecture as well. There was no set rule or regulation for what counted with these custom fabrications and constructions. Because of this, there were several different kinds of materials being used. From sheet metal fabricators to planks of wood, anything could work. These structures were used to enhance design however and make stunning monuments and homes.
  4. Minimalist interior
    Enough with the outside, let’s talk about the insides of buildings. We’ve also seen the rise of minimalist interiors to homes. These spacious designs, mixed with marbles, woodwork, and blue walls, created an emasculate design. There are many cultural reasons for these spaces such as the aging millennial generation that is growing into a harsh economy. In addition to that, the style seems to have sparked the hearts of artists and the more “trend conscious” crowd.
  5. Co-living
    This next trend was also something that was affected by the culture of the people. As years go by millennials have found that they need to find cost effective ways of living their lives. Cohabiting with a bigger group of people seems to do the trick. On top of that, in the UK the same idea came across for elderly members of society who wanted to look after their own in groups and communities. Due to these needs and concerns, co-living has become a more common occurrence. Now, you can find people living in shared office and housing blocks.

It’s important to note the changes in society in order to note the changes in our homes and vice versa. Architecture is art just like any other. It is an artform that reflects the lives of us humans and our society onto itself and then shows that back at us. These spiral duct fittings, shingled homes, co-living communities, and minimalist interiors are just some examples of that. We live, we want, we build. That is the most common trend.

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