Top Two Worst Carpet Stains (and What You Can Do About Them)

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Top Two Worst Carpet Stains (and What You Can Do About Them)


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Carpets are great to have in the home since they usually offer added coziness, decor, and warmth (especially in the winter months), but they are also great for acquiring unsightly stains. Whether you have a pet, a few kids, or are just a but clumsy yourself, carpet stains can happen easily and much more often than we would like. There are some pretty common stain culprits, but there can be simple and effective ways to deal with them. Here are the worst two carpet stains and how to get them out.

Red wine
Red wine is one of the worst carpet stain offenders. All it takes is one incident during a dinner party to leave a seemingly irreparable stain on your carpet, but don’t start ripping up your rug just yet. The first thing you should do is dab up the excess liquid with an absorbent cloth. Time is of the essence here; the sooner you deal with the stain, the better. Your dinner guests can wait. After removing as much liquid as you can (dabbing, not wiping), treat the stain with white vinegar or spray spot home carpet cleaners.

Pet stains
This is probably the grossest stain that might get on your carpet. Maybe you finally got your kids the puppy they always wanted and it promptly started doing its business all over your living room floor. Before you take Fido back to the shelter, you need to pick up any “debris” or dab at the spot to get any liquid out of it. There are specific types of carpet cleaning products designed to treat pet stains (that should come with every new pet, to be honest). Use these rather than other types of cleaners since they’re partly meant for treating the unpleasant smell.

If you couldn’t get to the stain in time to treat it, you can always hire carpet cleaning services to take care of them for you. You should be hiring professional carpet cleaning services once every year to year and a half at least anyway, so if you have a tough stain (or a number of them thanks to Fido the Incontinent) you may as well give them a call. Find out more about this topic here:

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