The Secret To The Best Shower Ever Is Water Purification

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The Secret To The Best Shower Ever Is Water Purification


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Showers have become a part of daily life for most Americans; they’ve even eclipsed baths, being more convenient and cleansing. A hot shower is supposed to be soothing, waking you up in the morning or washing away exhaustion at night … or maybe you like to shower multiple times in a day! That doesn’t really matter. What matter is that the water you’re using is as clean as it feels. To achieve that, you may want to consider a water aeration system.

Why Do We Need Water Filtration Systems?

The unfortunate fact is that there are more than 2,100 contaminants that can be present in your tap water. This is called “hard” water, which is to say, impure. In your shower alone, you’ll see scale buildup on your showerhead, tub, and other fixtures. Furthermore, other products like manganese can cause blackish stains on your plumbing, often accompanying the rust that comes with iron. The consumption of hard water contaminants have also been known to cause side effects. This is because anything from sulfur … which causes a rotten egg scent in your water … to arsenic can be included in those 2,100 contaminants.

My Shower Has A Lot Of Rust. What Can I Do To Purify The Water In My Shower?

If iron contamination is a particular issue for your shower, you can buy an iron shower filter. That being said, due to the extreme heat shower filters deal with, they’re rarely 100% effective. This is why you may be better off with a whole … house water filtration system, like an iron water filter cartridge. An iron water filter cartridge is a great system that can be affixed to many different parts of the home. If you change your iron water filter cartridge regularly, you can expect a definite decrease in rust buildup on various fixtures … not just your shower. However, iron is not the only contaminate you should worry about.

What Other Contaminants Can Affect My Shower?

Any contaminant that affects your home’s water system can affect your shower. And remember, whether consciously or not, we do consume water while taking showers. A particularly big issue regarding showers, however, is chlorine. Often released during our showers, it can cause long … term breathing issues and even cancer. Most commonly, you’ll notice that a chlorinated shower causes things like redness in your eyes and headaches. Once your water is “softened”, and the chlorine removed, your skin will be softer and you’ll feel a lot better.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why one would consider purifying their water for better, safer showers alone. But the fact is that once you invest in water purification, your entire home will benefit. Say goodbye to contaminants and hello to the best water you’ve ever tasted!

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