Do You Know The Basics Behind Roofing a House

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Do You Know The Basics Behind Roofing a House


The principles of roofing have been implemented for a very long period. To understand roofing, one has to get the details right.

The video, ‘How to Roof a House – THE BASICS’ shines some light on the following basics of roof installations:

Use of Hand Nails
Ridge beam nails are the only portion of roof installations that should be done using hand nails. The nails secure the rafter tails at the ridge board.

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They also ensure that you end up with a unified roofing structure.

Nails With Plastic Rings
Many areas in roof installation require dexterity and muscle work. However, there are areas in which the material makes installation easier and faster. In roofing projects, plastic rings connect membrane sheets along eaves and gables.

Remove the Existing Roof
The old roof should be removed to allow 100% inspection of the sheathing, fasteners, flashings, and counter-flashing during roofing installations. Removing the roofing materials eliminates the chances of broken shingles being blown back up under the new roof by rain and wind.

Roofs are considered one of the most important components in building construction. The main purpose of installing roofs is to protect people from harsh weather conditions.

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