The Dangers of the Emerald Ash Borer

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The Dangers of the Emerald Ash Borer


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Although it may not feel it, spring is less than three weeks away. Depending on the weather, certain flowers and plants could begin budding in about a month. That being said, it is a good time to be thinking about your large and small backyard landscape design ideas.

Among the many landscape design ideas and concerns on the minds of homeowners as each spring approaches, the most fundamental of all landscape ideas are those that preserve your precious trees and shrubs. This is the reason why the leading professional landscaping companies offer emerald ash borer treatments to minimize the risks for the dreaded ash tree disease.

The ash borer beetle is not native to North American, but can be incredibly destructive to ash trees. Therefore, it is considered an invasive species that is highly undesirable. It is believed that the emerald ash borer beetle was transported to America from its native Asian and Eastern Russia origin via sea vessels whose cargo included wooden crates. Although experts believe that the emerald ash borer hit North American shores a little more than a decade ago, it’s already claimed the thousands of ash trees.

If ash trees are part of your backyard landscaping, you need to be aware of the damage that the dreaded emerald ash borer beetle can cause. Just as its name implies, the ash borer will literally bore its way into ash trees, and there it will lay its eggs. Over several weeks, its larvae will burrow their way into the flume of an ash tree, and steal all of its nutrients.

When the ash borer infestation becomes severe enough, the tree may die from ash borer disease. But this can be prevented by hiring a top landscaping service that offers ash borer treatment. Even if ash trees are not infested by the ash borer beetle, ash borer control can make sure that doesn’t happen.

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