The 5 Kinds of Rental Fences You Might Need for Your Event or Project

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The 5 Kinds of Rental Fences You Might Need for Your Event or Project


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If you haven’t dealt much with construction or commercial companies, your knowledge of fencing is probably limited to your average yard fence. But there are actually several kinds of fences that can be used for security and privacy on construction projects or larger events. If you need to figure out what kind of rental fence would best suit your needs, you can start with the brief descriptions below:

  1. Panel Link Fences

    Panel link fences are basic chain link fences that can be rapidly installed to provide security. They are often topped with barbed wire for added protection in case someone tries to climb the fence. These are best for short jobs or when fencing will need to be moved frequently.

  2. Security Link Fences

    Commercial chain link fences can also be installed using in-ground posts. This option is more secure, but takes longer to install and is therefore preferred when the fence will be left in place for longer (such as an extensive construction project). It’s possible to add privacy screening to these fences, as well.

  3. Security Barricades

    Security barricades are metal fences that can be moved in order to block walkways or direct traffic flow. They’re used most frequently at large events, and can be used individually or in combination to provide the desired amount of security. It’s good to keep in mind, however, that they aren’t tall enough to physically keep people out of an area; they can only delineate the space and make it more difficult for people to walk the wrong places.

  4. Silt Screens

    Silt screens are used to prevent soil erosion and contain runoff when you’re doing a project that disturbs groundcover. Silt fences can be attached to chain link fences or other low-cost options.

  5. Water Barriers

    Water barriers are heavy-duty plastic barricades that use water as ballast to hold them in place and provide stopping power. They are an effective means of protecting cars from running off roads. This can also protect workers and pedestrians in areas near roads.

Which of these rental fences would best meet your needs? Share the particulars of your project in the comments below.

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