Making Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient is an Easy Money Saver!

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Making Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient is an Easy Money Saver!


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These days, as energy related costs continue to rise, many people are looking into purchasing bathroom equipment that will not only save them money, but will be good for the environment. For example, the typical modern toilet wastes a great deal of precious water, and with droughts currently sweeping the country, water efficient toilets and water saving toilets have become quite popular. In fact, an environmentally friendly toilet-design competition, the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, was recently sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The competition attracted an unprecedented number of designs for pressure assisted toilets in order to make saving water easy for owners of residential toilets and commercial toilets.

It is true that initially pressure assisted toilets have higher up-front costs than do traditional gravity toilets. However, in the long run, pressure assisted toilets lower water bills by getting rid of toilet bowl waste, using much less water than do gravity toilets. Making the switch to water efficient toilets and other water efficient residential plumbing fixtures can result in savings as high as $100 per year off of water bills for the average American family. Thus, switching over to a pressure assisted toilet is good for the environment and for the pocket book!

Making the change to an efficient toilet is not the only bathroom related decision that can save money and help the environment. Efficient baths and showers also allow for significant savings off of monthly water bills while making a positive ecological impact. For example, walk in shower dimensions are smaller than the dimensions of the traditional shower-tub combo found in most American homes. Walk in shower dimensions that take up less space in a family bathroom make it much less likely for water to go to waste. Lowering the measurements of walk in shower dimensions is an action that will go largely unnoticed by household members, yet even a slight decrease to walk in shower dimensions can shave money off a monthly water bill while lessening the amount of water that goes to waste during an average shower.

Purchasing energy efficient toilets and decreasing walk in shower dimensions are two methods of helping the environment while being thrifty. As well, installing an energy efficient toilet or lowering walk in shower dimensions will go largely unnoticed in the day to day life of your family, but can make a real difference over time to your household budget, while positively impacting the national water supply.

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