Understanding U-Factor Can Save You Money

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Understanding U-Factor Can Save You Money


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Window installation prices may vary wildly, but rest assured – the cost of a replacement window is not something you want to skimp on. Interestingly enough, in a down turned economy, the window installation industry continues growing in the U.S., generating around $7 billion dollars each year.
Often, a broken window isn’t the cause for the replacement. A lot of times, a failed seal results in unattractive clouding, fogginess and moisture that’s actually *in* the panes – condensation. This is directly a result of the differences between the air temperature indoors and outside and a reflection of humidity as well. By keeping a low humidity level in your home, you will cut on the likelihood of experiencing condensation like that in your windows. Window efficiency, however, is another factor, since it can impact the level of humidity and temperature at which condensation may occur. Energy efficient windows are the best way to avoid this. Understanding something called the “u-factor” can help you determine the cost of window installation with an eye on future saving. U-factor refers to a calculation made both at the center of a window’s glass as well as along the edges that determines the rate of heat loss.
A more expensive, high performance window will have lower U-factors and the temperature inside the glass (and along the inside window surface) will stay much closer to the temperature inside the room/house. Something called “warm edge technology” helps prevent condensation as well, though it definitely raises window installation prices.
Another option are what are called “insulated super windows,” which are comprised of three or more layers of glass that virtually eliminates the possibility of condensation on the glass’ interior surface, even under freezing conditions.
Vinyl window installation, particularly double hung window installation, seems like an affordable alternative, and these items remain quite popular. Keep in mind they require careful handling to keep them on track and function best in areas where the temperature and humidity remain moderate.
New window installation may seem daunting, but the best option may be to do your home in sections over time, thus defraying costs and allowing for a more durable, lasting choice. References: www.aspenexterior.com

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