Taking A Look At Keeping Your Air Conditioning And Heating Systems in Good Working Order

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Taking A Look At Keeping Your Air Conditioning And Heating Systems in Good Working Order


Air conditioning and heating systems are incredibly important throughout the United States, where cold winters and hot summers are common. In some parts of the country, they are even necessary for survival – especially during the winters that are, to put it lightly, frigid at best. Air conditioning and heating systems have become a way of modern life for many of us, for heating is often legally mandated in homes and apartments and more than eighty five percent of all homes now have air conditioning systems to some extent, be it central AC or a lone air conditioning unit.

But no matter what, it is hugely important to care for your heating and cooling systems, providing heating and air conditioning maintenance when it is necessary. It is recommended to have some level of heating and air conditioning maintenance at least twice a year and it is even more recommended that you hire a heating and cooling company to perform said heating and air conditioning maintenance. A professional company – and its employees – will be able to spot signs of trouble before they ever become truly problematic, something that will save you a great deal of money in the long run. Servicing said HVAC systems will also help to ensure that they run to their highest level of efficiency even as they age, something that will decrease and decrease the longer that you go without having your machine and system serviced. For instance, part of air conditioning maintenance involves changing the filters in your AC system, something that should be done at least every three months, if not even more frequently than that. If this is not a service that is performed as part of your regular air conditioning maintenance, it is very likely that your air conditioner will become less than effective. It will also circulate old air throughout your home, air that is filled with dust and other debris that has made its way into the system of filters. For those who are sensitive to such things, changing your air conditioning system’s filters on a regular basis will help to protect your health as well.

Of course, heating maintenance must go hand in hand with air conditioning maintenance and AC repairs. Your furnace, for example, should be looked at frequently. As furnaces can last for as many as eighteen years when cared for well (and typically no less than fifteen under such circumstances), it is important to assess their condition on a regular basis. The fact of the matter is that furnaces should be inspected more and more the older that they get. Without such regular and routine inspections, it is all too likely that your furnace will begin to show signs of age that progress to the need for repairs – and even the end of the life span of your furnace, requiring you to get a new one before you might haven needed to, had you been more diligent about caring for and having professional inspections of said furnace.

Your heating system simply shutting down and no longer working can also be a consequence of not getting the proper maintenance needed in order to keep it in proper working order. In fact, data solidly backs this up, showing that up to seventy five percent – a full three quarters – of all no heat calls to HVAC companies during the winter months result as a lack of proper maintenance being given to the heating system, most commonly a furnace, in the home. And while many heating problems can be fixed, they can end up posing a danger in many situations. Every year, people living here in the United States will die from a lack of heat during the often brutal winter months, a tragedy that can very much be avoided in the vast majority of all cases.

From heating maintenance to air conditioning maintenance, the HVAC system in your home is an incredibly important one, not to be overlooked under any circumstances, lest you risk no heat during the brutal winter months in America.

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