Repairing the Drain of a Kitchen Sink

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Repairing the Drain of a Kitchen Sink


Every home has a kitchen sink where the family routinely does its dishes. Over time, food and debris can build up in your drain. Sometimes it’s just not as simple as grabbing a plunger to free up the mess. Drain repair is often necessary to avoid clogging problems in the future. In this video, you will learn about repairing a kitchen sink in case you ever come across this issue.

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Kitchen sinks only need one drain trap, but some setups contain more than that. Having that many traps are largely unnecessary and can lead to clogging more frequently. As seen in the video, two of the three traps were removed. Capping them works well, as they no longer need to function. Next, you can detach and then reinstall the garbage disposal with a better connection to the piping. Going forward, the better running disposal will clear any debris before it is able to clog the drain. Continue watching to see more steps in the drain repair process.

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