Repairing a Broken Doorbell

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Repairing a Broken Doorbell


Over time, houses seem to have minor issues pop up. Whether it be a leaking roof or an issue with a garage door, it needs to be fixed. One that is rather uncommon is doorbell repairs. You may not even know your doorbell isn’t working for weeks at a time.

Video Source

In this video, you will see how to easily repair your nonfunctioning doorbell.

To start, you will want to unscrew your doorbell from the wall. There should be a few electrical wires showing once it is removed. Chances are that one of the wires is burned out, which you can check by going down to the electrical fuse box. Once you decipher which wire is not working, you must then replace it. Once you replace the wire, reattach it to the back of the doorbell. Before fastening the bell back to the wall, try it to see if it is back to normal. Be sure that the wires are secure to the bell, then reattach the doorbell to the wall.

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