DIY Mirror Installation

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DIY Mirror Installation


In this video, you will learn about glass and mirror installation. It is really important that the wall is clean. This ensures that the adhesive will stick to it. When installing the mirror to the wall, it is important to use adhesive suitable for metals.

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You want to apply it in staggered lines, to ensure even weight distribution. You will want to use temporary supports, such as plywood, to hold up the mirror until the adhesive sets. Depending on the type of adhesive, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to set. You want to make sure that you press the mirror firmly to the wall, applying a lot of pressure. Next, by using a leveling tool, measure the mirror so you make sure that it is level. Also, it is recommended that you support the corners of the mirror with masking tape for 24 hours, to make sure it does not fall off the wall. If you choose to attach the mirror to the wall with screws, make sure to measure all sides of the mirror. You’ll want to use screws specifically for dry walls, or whichever type of wall you are installing on to.

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