Quality Roofs Are important Home Investments

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Quality Roofs Are important Home Investments


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It is not the first time the neighbors stood on the street discussing a homeowner’s new roof. It would not be the last either. In parts of the country where severe weather, including high winds and hail, often damage roofing, siding, and paint jobs, talk of home improvements throughout any given neighborhood are pretty common. And while some homeowners use insurance money to repair, replace, or up grade roofing materials, other homeowners simply see a new rough as an investment in the value and The equity of their home.
When homeowners first think about purchasing or building a new or used home they often find themselves concerned with floorplans and square footage. The quality and age of the roof, however, often does more to determine the value of a home they had an extra few hundred square feet or an attractive ranch walk out floor plan. The smartest homeowners understand that a new roof made from quality, maintenance free, composite materials speak volumes to both realtors and people looking to purchase new homes.
Residential and Commercial Roofing Companies Offer a Variety of Products and Services
While commercial buildings, lake houses, farm buildings, and other world settings may frequently include metal roofing, composite roofs are very popular in many metropolitan residential areas. Understanding the strength, maintenance, and warrantee of different kinds of roofs often to help homeowners make the best decisions when it comes to new buildings or remodeling or repair projects.
Although builders in the past often relied on shake shingles and asphalt shingles, today’s builders tend to offer their clients a product that has a longer warranty and requires less maintenance. Ceramic tile shingles may work well in some select areas of the country, but shingles made from composite materials are growing more and more popular throughout all parts of America.
How Much Will a New Roof Cost?
the cost of a rof is obviously determined by many factors: size, materials, and warranty. A standard roof, however, that is between 2200 and 2600 square feet will cost homeowners approximately $1000 and $4000 to fully replace if they buy the materials and do the work themselves. Hiring professionals to complete the project will cost between $2000 and $8500. Typically, a roofing company will charge for their work using what are known as ?squares.? For example, one ten foot by ten foot patch of roof creates a square. This means that an average roof has between 22 and 26 squares to be replaced.Obviously, the pitch and peaks of a roof can also determine how much the cost will be.
On average, a typical homeowner will spend some where between 1% and 4% of a home?s value on yearly maintenance and repairs. These costs, however, tend to increase as the house ages. For a $200,000 home, for instance that can mean at least $2,000 in repairs every single year. a roof repair, however, is substantially more than that yearly average.
The return on investment (ROI), however, is substantial. If a homeowner plans to sell a home, a new roof repair or replacement will add value to the asking price. If a home owner is planning to stay in a home, there are still plenty of reasons to make the investment in a new roof. For instance, installing Energy Star qualified roof products that reflect more of the sun’s rays can lower roof surface temperatures by as much as 100 degree. This decrease substantially lowers the amount of heat that is transferred into a building. Less heat getting in means that less air conditioning is needed to keep the home comfortable.
Do I Need to Hire Professional Contractors to Install or Replace My Roof?
Although a few homeowners may feel that they have the proper tools and talent to repair their own roof, many homeowners prefer to hire these jobs out. Finding a residential or commercial roofing contractor often means that the installed roof will come with a substantial warranty that will protect the homeowner’s investment.
Installing a roof requires more than simply replacing old shingles with new materials. Professional roofers also understand the importance of lining, caulking, window flashing, and other measures that keep roofs secure and weather proof. Professionals spend every day installing the materials that home owners may only work with once or twice in a lifetime.

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