Lawn Service Companies Can Provide a Number of Services

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Lawn Service Companies Can Provide a Number of Services


Tree trimming

A quick drive down the narrow street three blocks from the small liberal arts college initially indicated overlooked and poorly cared for yards and homes. On closer examination, however, when a drive through a neighborhood indicates every yard looking overgrown, it might be best to save the judgements.
Some of the best springs can make for the most unkempt looking yards. Weeks of rain in late March and early April, in fact, can make it look like lawn care services are not even doing their job. For while the rain is helping the fertilizer do its job, it is also making the grass grow and keeping the mowing from getting done. A warm dry day in the middle of days or weeks of rainfall has a consistent and immediate effect on the residents up and down the streets of the same neighborhood. Everyone is out mowing, trying to get the grass cut so that the neighbors can tell how healthy their grass is.
Like snow removal services in the winter, lawn care services are completely dependent upon the weather. Although fertilizing, aerating, and watching out for weeds is essential, the consistent weekly tasks of mowing and edging rely on the weather. Several weeks of rainy days can mean grass that gets to long and has to have too much cut off at a time.
Because of the importance of scheduling, many home and commercial property owners find themselves hiring landscape services to take care of everything from tree trimming and tree removal to weekly mowings.
Lawn Service Tasks That a Landscaping Company Can Provide
Consider some of the ways a lawn service could help you get your lawn and all outdoor parts of your property looking its best:

  • Weekly lawn maintenance Because rain and other factors can often limit the times when home owners are able to mow their grass, a lawn service is often the best option. Equipped with large mowers that can mow wet grass if necessary, a lawn service can provide a well manicured lawn. A lawn service company that arrives with two or three staff members and large equipment can often mow in that short window of great weather when you are stuck in the office.
  • Home resell value A well maintained yard speaks volumes on the housing market. While the house must also be properly maintained, it is often the lawn that provides the first impressions that potential buyers see when they visit your house. Additionally, a regularly maintained lawn encourages potential buyers to notice other extras like well designed and cared for landscaping. For instance, spending as little as 5% of your home?s value on landscaping and professional lawn care may get a Return on Investment (ROI) of as much as 150%. In fact, as many as 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping before listing their house.
  • Tree planting and trimming In addition to maintaining a lawn, planting, pruning, and trimming trees can also be contracted out to a lawn service. Trees are perhaps the best investment a home owner can make. And while they are a great investment, they often need professional attention from a landscaping and lawn care company. Did you know, for example, that a tree planted on the west side of a home can, in five years, reduce energy bills by as much as 3%. As that tree continues to grow and provide even more shade the savings will be nearly 12% in 15 years. Additionally, a fully grown mature tree can have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000.
  • General mental health A well landscaped and manicured yard not only encourages buyers to pay more attention to a house, it also provides positive effects for the current residents. In fact, one laboratory research study indicates that visual exposure to environments with trees produces significant stress relief within as little as five minutes. This relief is indicated by changes in both blood pressure and muscle tension.

What is the weather like in your area today? Is it dry enough so that you can mow? If you are struggling to find time to mow and care for your yard when the weather allows, a lawn service may just be able to help your goals.

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