Environmentally Friendly, Affordable And Beautiful Why You Should Start Landscaping

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Environmentally Friendly, Affordable And Beautiful Why You Should Start Landscaping


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Have you been becoming more lawn conscientious lately? Are you looking for environmentally friendly lawn care resources and techniques that doesn’t involve you perusing over countless books? Consider looking into organic lawn care, which circumvents harmful chemicals and complex routines in favor of a simple and natural approach that provides results. Even better is how natural lawn care is synonymous with other benefits, like being incredibly affordable as well as pet friendly. If you have children, dogs or just a wallet that could use less of a bruising as of late, continue reading below to learn more about green lawn care and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. It’s a homeowning project in which everyone stands to benefit!

Why Should I Try Landscaping?

Some people aren’t quite convinced of the need to be invested in dog friendly lawn care or home renovation. But did you know a little landscaping here and there can raise the property value of your home by as much as 12%? It’s no joke! Some touch-ups have even been found to increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%, so if you’re looking to move soon then a little organic lawn care could be in your future. Safe lawn care includes building gardens of flowers and vegetables, adding environmentally healthy trees that clean your air or provide shade and cultivating happier surroundings that’ll see your mood improving. Even giving your front lawn a sprinkle can make you the envy of your neighbors!

How Are Americans At Home Faring?

Safe and environmentally friendly lawn care is starting to pick up around the country. A recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals saw three-quarters of American adults feeling it’s generally important to spend time outside tending to their yards. Another showed half of all homeowners who are currently upgrading their outdoor spaces prefer to spend at least six hours per week relaxing, gardening, entertaining and cooking up new plans for improvement. An overwhelming majority of real estate agents have recommended quality landscaping as one of the ideal homeowner’s improvement projects, with a potential 215% ROI. Dog friendly lawn care isn’t just a good habit — it’s a smart investment!

What Should My Budget Be?

Figuring out your budget for dog friendly lawn care now will help immensely in avoiding nasty surprises down the road. Its very nature, however, is being both more affordable and more effective than conventional means! A study showed just over half of homeowners budgeting around $10,000 on their current or upcoming landscaping and lawn-related projects where professionals are involved, at 56% — this can include paving, upgrading already existing structures or adding new garden beds. The majority of respondents reported they would be more willing to pay for an apartment or house that was already green and clean in the first place, compared to only 34% who preferred good shopping and cultural venues.

Where Do I Get Started?

Green lawn care should be a redundant term, but the sad fact of the matter is that many are still unaware of its plethora of environmental and economic benefits. The first step you should take is looking into which plants you want to cultivate — of those adding new plants to their yards, 92% choose plants native to the region. Pet friendly lawn care means you need to avoid certain species of grass, weed and flowers. Nightshade, monkshood, morning glory and holly are all ones you should strike from the list if you have any cats or dogs! Adding new trees and hedges, particularly close to your windows, will provide natural shade and keep your air clean from common contaminants. Last, but not least, there are alternatives to keeping pests at bay that don’t include harmful chemicals that can put you and your pets at risk. With dog friendly lawn care at your disposal, anything’s possible!

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