Why the Trenchless Method is Increasing in Popularity

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Why the Trenchless Method is Increasing in Popularity


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Having your plumbing or pipes replaced can be a seemingly huge and expensive job. It’s never a fun day when you find out that you have a pipe problem. Even the inspections can seem to cost a lot sometimes. However, this is only the case if your plumber is not using the trenchless methods to look into and fix your sewer system. This fairly new method came about in the past decade and has had tremendous success and it very favorable with residents and business owners especially. The epoxy pipe lining that is used is widely available and makes the whole process much simpler.

Basically, there are two ways that a pipe can be replaced using epoxy pipe lining. One is the pulled in place method. This is where two holes are dug, one at one end of the pipe and one at the other. The epoxy pipe lining is literally pulled into place just like the names suggests. The other method, the inversion method is similar except only one hole is dug and the new pipe is literally pushed into place. Both methods use cameras to be able to see where the damage is.

In fact, before even getting to this point, a sewer camera can be inserted into a drain to find out exactly where a problem lies without having to dig any major trenches. Once the crack, leak or breakage is found, then the epoxy pipe lining can be inserted and maneuvered to cover the damage. A bladder type of contraption is blown up so that the resin that the lining has been coated in will be smoothly pushed against the old pipe. Once allowed to set, the hardened pipe lining acts as a new pipe. It is a pipe within a pipe. No need for an actual new pipe and no need to extract the old pipe.

Advantages of Trenchless Methods

  1. Residents and business owners love this trenchless method for various reasons. One being that it takes so much less time. Traditional pipe replacement techniques can take weeks and even months to complete. The trenchless method cuts this down immensely. The entire process can be complete in a number of hours. The longest it will take, if complications occur is a few days. This is huge for residents because it means they will have their homes back sooner and business owners love it because it means that they will not loose a lot of business and their entrances will not be blocked or diverted for very long.

  2. Another reason is the cost. The trenchless method costs a lot less money. Part of that is because there are not as many billable hours and less men to employ. This is very attractive especially if insurance will not cover the work for whatever reason. The material itself may be a little more expensive but it still works out to less because of the less amount of time that it takes and the less man power that is needed. Generally speaking, you will not have to pay for traffic to be diverted either because it is unlikely that a pipe will end in the middle of a road.

  3. Lastly, the reason people prefer this method is because there is no need to dig up landscapes, sidewalks and home foundations in order to fix pipes. A couple of holes is all that is needed to reach the problem. Land can be saved, grass and trees and plants aren’t ruined by construction and the view stays intact when you avoid the entire construction zone visiting your home or business. Neighbors appreciate this also, especially if the pipe has nothing to do with them.

Disadvantages to Trenchless Methods
Of course there will also be disadvantages to everything. In this case, not every pipe can be fixed by the trenchless method. Unfortunately, it is not a fix all method. While most pipes fall into the trenchless category some cannot. Also, the material can sometimes be hard to find and must be custom made, depending on the type of pipe that is being fixed. However, these situations can be overcome with a little out of the box thinking.

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