I Want To Remodel My Home Where Are Some Good Places To Start?

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I Want To Remodel My Home Where Are Some Good Places To Start?


Roofing contractors

Do you want to renovate your roof sometime this year? This could be a pretty good way to save your energy bill and increase the value of your home. Homeowners are always on the prowl for ways to save money even as they spend it and roofing contractors are keen on providing the best value for the services they provide. They can install a brand new roof or work on an already existing foundation, depending, and the benefits you’ll receive can go on for years to come. Whether you want a new roof or just want some ideas on where to start renovating, the list below will get you started on the right foot.

With a little foresight, you could save money, improve your ROI and increase the comfort of your home all in one fell swoop.

A few quick facts. Thanks to a 2017 True Cost Survey sponsored by HomeAdvisor, homeowners are spending an impressive 60% more on home improvement projects this year than the year prior. Vinyl is still considered the number one siding option available in the United States, despite there being more than 15 different options for homeowners to choose from. Property damage repairs also make up nearly 40% of remodeling jobs.

Before we get into roofing contractors, let’s talk about renovations and what kind of value they can offer your home. According to a HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study, over 85% of homeowners actively sought out the help of a professional for their renovation project. While plenty of American homeowners fancy themselves the do-it-yourself type, there’s a lot to gain from having a professional eye overlooking your set-up. A general contractor can fish out potential problems and offer all sorts of ideas you won’t have considered before.

Bathroom renovations and kitchen remodeling are very popular and for good reason. Your bathroom is where you go to wash and freshen up on a regular basis, meaning it’s easy to become disillusioned when it’s poorly lit, cluttered or lacking decor. Bathroom additions have been found to offer a near 86% ROI, with 90% of homeowners actively changing the style of their master bathroom during a housing upgrade. What kind of renovations? You could add new backsplash panels to your shower or a new cabinet to organize your hair products.

Your roof can be an easy area of the home to neglect. Roofing contractors are aware of this and actively encourage homeowners to inspect their roof once per year. This way you can figure out if you’re losing energy or experiencing leaks that could be easily reversed. For those with a very old roof? A new installation may be your ticket. A new asphalt shingle roof can net you an ROI of 60%, sometimes more, and homeowners are more likely to repair their roof following notable weather damage.

There are many great ways you can improve your home and reap the benefits year-round. A new roof can save you anywhere from 10% to 20% on your energy bill by keeping your temperature from leaking out when you least expect it, while a bathroom renovation can bolster your ROI as well as your overall mood. Home improvement contractors can walk you through every step of the way, from ideas to budgets, and keep you from pulling your hair out as you transform your home from the inside out.

How will you improve your home alongside home remodeling companies this year?

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